Thailand-Pakistan Relations

Thailand-Pakistan Relations

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Thailand-Pakistan Relations


                   Thailand and Pakistan established diplomatic relationship on 10 October 1951. 

                    1  Political and Security Cooperation Thailand and Pakistan enjoy close and cordial ties. Both Pakistan and Thailand have age-old histories of ancient civilization and have been connected by a common cultural linkage through Buddhism and the Gandhara civilization that flourished in the city of Taxila. Now, Thailand has the “Look West Policy” and Pakistan has the “Vision East Asia Policy” which complement each other and provide mutually reinforcing framework to advance the shared vision. Both countries hold similar views on major regional and global issues and cooperate closely at regional and international forums.

                    The relations between Pakistan and Thailand have consistently grown over the years, based on shared principles and mutual interests. Pakistan and Thailand are both hubs and enjoy strategic location in their respective regions. There have been a number of high-level visits. In 2013, the two Prime Ministers met twice, in August in Islamabad and in November in Bangkok. In May 2014, the Commander of the Royal Thai Armed Forces paid an official visit to Pakistan. These have heralded a new era in the bilateral relations and elevated them to new heights.

                    2  Economic Cooperation In 2014, trade between Thailand and Pakistan amounted to 1,014 million USD. Thailand’s export value was 874 million USD and import value was 140 million USD. Thailand recorded a trade surplus of 734 million USD. Pakistan is one of the Thailand’s important trade partners and export destinations.

Major exports from Thailand to Pakistan are motor cars, parts and accessories, chemical products, polymers of ethylene, propylene, etc. in primary forms, rubber products, synthetic filament and staple fibres, and machinery and parts.

Pakistan’s largest export categories to Thailand are fresh aquatic animals, chilled, frozen, processed and instant, yarn and fibres, fabrics, animal and animal products, munitions used in official services, and garments.

                   3. Investment Cooperation There are 2 major Thai companies, Charoen Pokphand Group and Thai Urethane Group, which have successfully established Charoen Pokphand Pakistan (PVT.) Limited (CP Pakistan) and Thai Urethane Plastic Industry Co. PVT Ltd. in Lahore, Pakistan. CP Pakistan is engaged in feed mill, poultry farming, and other agricultural and trading business. Thai Urethane Plastic Industry Co. PVT Ltd. is engaged in chemical, leather and artificial leather products. 

                    4  Cultural Cooperation People-to-people contact is one of the most important aspects of the bilateral  relations. There are thousands of Thai nationals living in Pakistan and around 600 Thai students are studying in Madrassah schools and in Pakistan’s prestigious universities. The numbers of Pakistani and Thai tourists are growing. In 2013, there were 75,577 Pakistani tourists travelling to Thailand and 1,607 Thai tourists visiting Pakistan.